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There are a number of options for making payment on invocies:

Your invoice is located in the Client Area at

You can select whichever payment option you prefer. At the top right side of your invoice is a drop down menu listing the different payment options.

  • Cheque is in the mail.... As long as it arrives in time, we still accept a cheque in the mail!
  • Interac. Within Canada you can also send money by Interac email Money Transfer. (Send payment to the email address "" We have "autodeposit" activated, so no password is necessary. Money will automatically be deposited into the Cool Site Man account, and you will receive a notification by email.
  • PayPal - Log in to the billing system at "" If this option does not show on your online invoice - select it from the drop down menu at the top of the invoice. You may choose to subscribe to your service so that invoices are automatically paid from PayPal each time they are issued. Clicking the PayPal payment button will redirect you temporarily to PayPal to make payment.
  • Credit Card - select Credit Card as your payment method from the drop down menu on your online invoice.

All online payments (Credit Card or PayPal) will be recorded in your account right away. Payments by mail or email will be posted soon after they are received.

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